Based in London, UK, DEBORAH MILLER has an art and design studio specialising in uniquely designed digital artworks.
Deborah was born in Vancouver, Canada and has loved creating artworks ever since she was a small child. She is a classically trained artist studying Art and Art History at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada). She started painting in watercolour and mixed mediums, then advanced to oils many years later, as well as pastels. She has always combined different mediums together to achieve the best result for the final image created.
With having a lengthy career in Retail and Corporate Advertising as a Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director her tools for creating artworks naturally moved to doing everything on the computer – layering images, graphics, and hand-drawn elements to create beautiful pieces of artwork.
With her love of art, travel, sculpture, architecture, nature, and all things textural, her work explores the use of colour, graphics, and elements of sketching on the computer to stimulate the eye. Embodying a sense of excitement of combining the natural and industrial worlds she challenges the notion of man-made structures cohabitating and coexisting in harmony – ‘being at one’ with all things found in nature.
The artworks are created from the appreciation and awesomeness of what we see in the world – humanity, nature’s beauty, and the sharp contrast of the urban world. During her travels seeing the amazing lifelike Renaissance sculptures sitting amongst the hardness of the straight, upright buildings or sitting comfortably within nature, in a gorgeous garden, has always been a fascination. It’s like worlds colliding, a visual feast for the viewer. In her artworks she confronts head-on the abrupt beauty of the natural life and bold hard structures of buildings. The hard surfaces and soft forms of beautiful lifelike sculptures and/or images of women, adding explosive movement using colour, spatial depth, form, function, and line.
Deborah has always related doing art to breathing, she says, “Creating art is something I HAVE TO DO…IT’S MY AIR. When I’m not creative, I start to lose who I am, I begin to feel uneasy and eventually crumble into a blind numb robot, drifting around in my world without purpose. Creating art is what keeps me grounded, happy and alive. Art is deep in my blood, heart and soul.”

I Must Create!!!

BE Bold, BE Adventurous, BE Creative, BE YOU!
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